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Privacy Policy

IHI Agri-Tech Corporation(“IHI Agri-Tech”) makes efforts for appropriate management of the personal information such as the name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. For the prevention against leakage or appropriation of personal information, IHI Agri-Tech provides a policy for Protection of Personal Information as under.

1.Acquirement of Personal information

When IHI Agri-Tech will acquire personal information, IHI Agri-Tech exhibit the purpose of use and acquires the information by legal and fair measures.

2.Handling of Personal Information

  1. IHI Agri-Tech will not use the acquired Personal Information without the agreement of the customer and without the confines of purpose of use.
  2. IHI Agri-Tech will use the acquired Personal Information only in our company.
    IHI Agri-Tech will not provide the Personal Information to any third party without the agreement of the customer.
  3. IHI Agri-Tech will take proper safety measures to prevent the illegal access to Personal Information and the lost and leakage of Personal Information. Also IHI Agri-Tech will make efforts for the education for the Protection of Personal Information against its employees who handle the Information.

3.Compliance and Improvement

For proper handling of Personal Information, IHI Agri-Tech will work on the improvement continuously. IHI Agri-Tech will apply the improvement to a policy for Protection of Personal Information at any time.


The customer is able to require IHI Agri-Tech to disclose Private Information of the customer own.

If you have any questions about your Personal Information, please inform the following address.
IHI Agri-Tech will treat properly obeying the meaning of Japanese laws for Protection of Personal Information.