- IHI STAR Machinery Corporation


Square baler THB3060



Bale size (cm) : H36 x W48 x L60~120
Tractor required HP kW (PS) : 26~59kW (35~80PS))
Pick-up width (cm) : 181

Hitch : Straight     Lubrication : Grease gun





Main Feature

Original Knotter


Protection system




Reliable STAR original knotter can work efficiently and powerfully.

Slip clutch, one-way clutch, and a shear bolt are equipped with a flywheel. The pick-up, fork, and knotter each have independent protection parts.

Optinal Parts

SUPPORT WHEEL ATTACHMENT (ABW5020) for transportation in narrow farm road for transportation in narrow farm road.

・DOUBLE TIRE ATTACHMENT (ADT7100) for working on soft fields

COUNTER (#90915ASY) for counting number of bales