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Round baler (Medium size) TRB/TCR0950AT-2240AN

Bale size (cm) : Diameter 90 x Width 86 or Dia. 100 x Wid. 100
Tractor required HP kW (PS) : 26~51.5kW (35~80PS)
Pick-up width (cm) : 170

Powerful and performance round baler for medium size tractor.
Steel compression rollers make tight bales as stable and enable noiseless operation.





Sharp turn with 2P swivel hitch

Specially designed 2P traction system enables easy turns and trace winding windrows in the corner, small field.

Control box for opening and closing the gate.

Hydraulic Power package unit is equipped as standard for tailgate opening. All the operation does not need any hydraulic output of tractor. It enables to work with wide range of tractor.

Binding system

Twine binding

(Model: -AT)

Net binding

(Model: -AN)

Economy running system with dual-twines binding.

Lesser loss of grass, efficient binding works with automatic binding system.

High capacity, wide pick-up

The wide pick-up ensures effective work for a wide windrow, even at the corner.

Cutting device (TCR0950AT/AN)

Bale density can be increased 15-30% by cutting grass into pieces before baling operation. Those high-density bales bring better fermentation, resulting in high-quality silages.

The spiral intake rotor and knives cut grass into approx. 10 cm in length, which makes bales easily broken up by hand.

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