- IHI STAR Machinery Corporation


Rotary haymaker MGR2220-2630

Working width in tedding (cm) : 150 – 220
Working width in raking (cm) : 175 – 260
Tractor required HP kW (PS) : 11 – 29.5 kW (15 – 40PS)

STAR Rotary hay makers are ideal machines to make windrows, spread air and turn forage.

Multiple operation Tedding/Raking

Raking / Tedding / Spreading / Transporting are possible by shifting the change lever.

Easy height adjustment

Wheel height can be adjusted easily with pin insertion. Set to field condition or kind of work.

Special features of MGR2630

The machine follows a tractor track flexibly with auto-swing swivel hitch, and the raking quality is uniform even around corners.

Easily detachable tine arms are stored at front frame. At transport, width is 135cm