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Drum mower (Small size) MDM1010-1365

Drum mower MDM1010

Working width (cm) : 100
Tractor required HP kW (PS) : 11 – 22 kW (15 – 30PS)
Number of drum : 1

High mobility, less tractor power, speedy cutting

With compact design and 3 point hitch direct connecting, it can work easily in a small field. For working with a small sized tractor, adapted tractor Hp is set from 11kw (15PS). MDM1010 has 1 drum and 3 knives. Special designed tall drum convey cut material backward efficiently and speedy operation is expected.

Folding backward for transportation

Cutting frame can be folded to rear during transportation with pin insertion.

Drum mower MDM1345-1365

Working width (cm) : 125
Tractor required HP kW (PS) : 13 – 37 kW (25 – 50PS)
Number of drum : 2

Double spring suspension

In mowing operation, cutting level must be kept evenly in the range of cutting width. 2 suspension springs work as the top and bottom edges keep the same level and follow the ground.

Release bar for protection

In case of an unexpected overload or impact from foreign objects on the field, the release bar is equipped as standard to protect the cutting frame from damage.
If the cutter bar catches a root on the ground, the release bar works and then the cutting frame can be swayed backward. Also it works effective on soil choking and grass clogging.

Quick folding with Manual / Hydraulic / Electric

When moving on the road, machine width must be minimum with cutting frame folded. MDM 13 series adopts a 3 folding system. You can select folding type to your tractor specification or your request. Hydraulic folding needs 1 hydraulic output (single action) of the tractor, electric folding needs DC12V as power supply.