- IHI STAR Machinery Corporation


Forage harvester MFH4000RC-5040RC/RCR

Width of feed roller (cm) : 32, 40, 50
Number of row : 2 or 3
Tractor required HP kW (PS) : 40.5 – 88 kW (55 – 120PS)

STAR forage harvesters have wide cylinder type cutter which chops the corn or sorghum speedy and precisely. Special designed row-crop header with high durability gathering chain enables high-speed working in weedy field.



‘Side mount operation’ or ‘Reverse operation’ (MFH4000RC, 5040RC)

Two working style can be selected. “Reverse operation” is for making tractor passage at the beginning of operation, or at working at outer area of field.
After passage is made, high efficient harvesting is expected by “Side mount operation”. Style of operation can be changed by tractors hydraulic easily.
(MFH4000RCR is for reverse only model)

Highly durable gathering chain (MFH4000RC, 4000RCR)

Grease sealed gathering chains improve its durability.

Dischargeable spout and deflector cap

Dischargeable spout and deflection cap can be folded for transportation by manual with spring system (MFH4000RC, 4000RCR) or hydraulic system (MFH5040RC).

Corn lifting attachment ALC4021 (OPTION for MFH40000RC, 4000RCR)

To harvest lying crops effectively, ALC4021 lifts them up forcibly with a uniquely designed double spiral pick-up.

Corrosion-proof steel (MFH4000RC, 4000RCR)

Stainless steel or galvanized steel is used for bottom plate,duct and some parts for long life.