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Lime sower MLS1540-3082

Working width (cm) : 150, 180, 220, 300
Tractor required HP kW (PS) : 9.5 – 56 kW (13 – 80PS)
Adaptable fertilizer : powder, granular, sandy, lime

MLS series has stainless steel hopper which is prevented from rust. Special designed dropping holes and agitator enables even application.



Shutter lever system

Electric shutter lever
Manual Shutter lever

18 levels fine adjustment can be made by switch box from driver’s seat of the tractor.

Application rate in kg/are is adjusted in 25 levels.

Full opening bottom casing for easy maintenance

Bottom casing can be opened fully to wash the machine and remove fertilizer without any tools. It makes daily maintenance easy and ensures long machine life.

Stainless steel hopper, agitator and shutter

Stainless steel is used to main parts (hopper, agitator and shutter etc.,) to prevent any rust or corrosion.

3 Way spreading with separate shutter

Bottom shutter plate can be separated from side to side. Therefore you do not waste fertilizer at working around edge of the field. “Full-width”, “Right side only”, “ Left side only” of 3 ways can be selected. It supports more efficient operation.

Wheel drive model: MLS1540

  • Semi-mounted wheel drive type
  • Without PTO drive shaft
  • Manual shutter opening
  • Full-width spreading
  • Full opening bottom casing