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Wrapping machine (Small size) SWM0830

Adaptable bale size (cm) : Diameter 46~50 x Width 60~80
Engine power HP kW (PS) : 2.1kW (2.8PS)

SWM0830 is designed for wrapping films to the round bale made by mini round baler.

Best matching with our Mini Round Baler.

Adaptable bale size is 60~80cm width, 46~50cm diameter.




Mini-Round Baler with binding by Net / or Twine. Model name: MRB0855N/T




Easy operation with engine

Since the SWM0830 is equipped with a 2.8 PS gasoline engine, a handle and tires for transportation, wrapping operation can be done anywhere.

Stable operation with aluminum stretch rollers

Since aluminum rollers are used for the stretching device, less wear off is expected. Cylindrical rollers stretch the film properly and evenly, help to make high quality wrapped silage effectively.

Auto-stop wrapping system

When wrapping time reaches a set value, the auto-stop system works to stop table rotation automatically. Wrapping number can be set in 2/4/6 layers with pin insertion.