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Wrapping machine (Large size) MWM1250W

Adaptable bale size (cm) : Diameter 100~130 x Width 100~130
Tractor required HP kW (PS) : 22~59kW (30~80PS)
Number of attachable films : two

Double stretching for speedy working

Double strech device is equipped as standard for speedy operation.

With power package, needless tractor hydraulic output.

Power package is equipped as standard for most controls. The operation does not need any hydraulic output from the tractor. Oil in the power package can be controlled independently without any contamination.

Automatic operation

All operations can be done from the driver’s seat by manipulating a control box.
The number of wrapping can be set easily with dial. Table rotation is started with pushing “Turn-table auto start switch”. When the number of wrappings reaches preset times, the table stop its rotation automatically.

Stable bale rotation with three steel rollers

The ribbed steel rollers can rotate round bale stably. In addition, one roller which can move its position to fit the surface of the bale enables for more stable wrapping operation.

Easy film installation

Since film stocker can be tilted horizontally, wrapping film is installed at a low position easily.